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Zaporozhye Jewelry Factory Arista

The city of Zaporozhye is known for its jewelry giants that produce luxury jewelry and distribute them throughout Ukraine and beyond.

 One of the largest jewelry factories of the city of Zaporozhye is the Zaporozhye jewelry factory Arista.

 Jewelry factory Arista began its work in 2004.  The plant was founded by Evgeny Balobatko and Pavel Nechipurenko.  These people possessed all the necessary knowledge so that the Arista Jewelry Factory could very quickly take high positions in the world of the jewelry industry.

 Pavel Nechipurenko, who is the general director of the jewelry factory Arista, graduated from one of the best schools of good taste, cultivating his professionalism on diamond standards.  Very soon, after its discovery, the Arista Jewelry Factory becomes a member of the Ukrainian Jewelers Association

 Zaporozhye jewelry factory Arista very soon became a participant in all jewelry exhibitions in Ukraine, has more than 100 different certificates, diplomas and awards.  Arista Jewelry Factory is a diamond partner of all international jewelry exhibitions.

 The spectacular and sophisticated style of the Arista jewelry factory was traced in everything: from jewelery, to sellers who presented it.

 The Arista Jewelry Factory very quickly won a lot of fans from all over the country, all of them are Arista’s regular customers and try not to miss the moment when the factory launches new jewelry collections.

 Magnificent jewelry makers work at the Arista jewelry factory, they create stunning jewelry of the highest quality.

 The catalog of Zaporozhye jewelry factory Arista is very large and has collections of unique gold jewelry with diamonds.


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