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Vinnytsia Jewelry Factory Kristall

Crystal Jewelry Factory

The city of Vinnitsa is not a jewelry city, but nevertheless there are jewelry factories in Vinnytsia that produce stunning jewelry.

 Vinnytsia Jewelry Factory Kristall is the largest jewelry company in the city of Vinnitsa and in addition to the manufacture of a variety of jewelry, the Kristall Jewelry Factory is engaged in processing jewelry diamonds.

 The history of Vinnitsa jewelry factory Crystal began in 1973.  To be more precise, on March 1, 1973, Vinnitsa Crystal Jewelry Factory manufactured its first diamond.

 The plant works both with its own raw materials and with the materials of its customers.  In addition to traditional round-shaped diamonds, the plant cuts a variety of forms, such as: marquise, emerald, pear, oval, princess and others.

 Magnificent diamond craftsmen work at Vinnytsia jewelry factory Crystal.  The plant has modern equipment, which makes it possible to process jewelry diamonds of any size.

 Vinnytsia Jewelry Factory Crystal creates flawless diamonds and jewelry with precious stones of the highest quality.  Each jewelry that was created at the Kristall jewelry factory meets all the requirements of the global diamond market.

 Currently, the Vinnitsa Jewelry Factory Crystal is considered one of the largest jewelry factories in Ukraine.

 Vinnytsia Jewelry Factory Kristall is one of the few jewelry manufacturers in Ukraine, which has the right to put its own assay stamp on its jewelry.

 All the work of the plant is built so that you can easily carry out several orders at the same time in the shortest possible time, while the quality of products must remain at the highest level.

 Vinnitsa Crystal Jewelry Factory is very popular throughout Ukraine and abroad.  The plant has a lot of satisfied customers, and has its own boutiques in the largest cities of Ukraine.  If you want to buy jewelry from Vinnitsa Kristall jewelry factory, then you can find their outlets in Kiev, Kharkov, Vinnitsa, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkasy and Donetsk.

 Vinnytsia Jewelry Factory Kristall regularly takes part in jewelry exhibitions and has many different awards.


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