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Вінницький ювелірний завод Мальва

Jewelry factory Malva

Vinnytsia Jewelry Factory Malva is a fairly large and well-known jewelry factory in the city of Vinnytsia, where they make jewelry from gold 585, 750 samples using semi-precious and synthetic inserts.  Jewelry factory Malva has a large catalog of various jewelry for women and men.

 Vinnitsa jewelry factory Malva uses the latest equipment with the possibility of 3D modeling.  The factory employs talented jewelers.

 Jewelry factory Malva constantly monitors jewelry fashion and is regularly interested in fashion trends and new technologies of jewelry production.  Thus, the Vinnytsia jewelry factory Malva constantly strives for its improvement and development, not yielding to its competitors.

 Keeping in touch with each of its customers, the Malva jewelry factory makes conclusions about their desires and needs, this allows producing luxurious jewelry that everyone will like.

 To date, a wide variety of jewelry is available, which are successfully created at the Vinnytsia jewelry factory Malva thanks to new technologies mastered.

 Vinnytsia jewelry factory Malva began its work since 1994, and since then it has been pleasing all its customers with the most modern jewelery at affordable prices for everyone.

 Today, jewelry is of great importance in the life of every person, and this is well known to all masters of the Malva jewelry factory.

 Jewelry serves as an elegant and sensual gift for both women and men, and helps not to lose a bit of romance.

 All the work of the Vinnitsa jewelry factory Malva is aimed at making the world more beautiful and better - recalling such wonderful qualities as nobility and beauty, courage and femininity.

 Vinnitsa jewelry factory Malva has a lot of fans throughout Ukraine.  The jewels of the Malva factory can be seen in many jewelry stores in almost every city in the country.



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