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The PSP X7 game console is an entertaining portable game console, thanks to which your child can have fun without taking the phone away from adults))). Ther..
Manufacturer Sony Model (article) PlayStation 5 Digital Edition ver.2 (CFI-1116B) Package contents ➣ PS5 Digital Edition ver.2 game console ➣ DualSen..
Manufacturer Sony Model (article) PlayStation 5 ver.2 (CFI-1116a) Equipment ➣ PlayStation 5 ➣ DualSense wireless controller ➣Power cord ➣ HDMI ..
Sony PlayStation 5 The new console of the fifth generation. Significant changes have affected both the internal content and the design as a whole. The game..
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim A compact version of Sony's ultra-popular fourth-generation gaming console. The console received an updated design and a reduced bo..
Nintendo Switch OLED Model HEG-001 The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) features a colorful 7-inch OLED screen with thinner bezels. This enlarged display's dee..
Colorful 7" OLED screen with deep colors The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) features a colorful 7-inch OLED screen with thinner bezels. This enlarged display..
Colorful 7" OLED screen with deep colors The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) features a colorful 7-inch OLED screen with thinner bezels. This enlarged displ..
Charging your dreams. The fastest and most powerful Xbox ever. Optimized for Series X|S Games built with the Xbox Series X|S Development Kit experience ..
CPU Custom Zen 2 8x3.8 GHz RAM 16GB GDDR6 video memory AMD Radeon Navi, 4K, 8K @1.825 GHz, 12 TFLOPS Interfaces HDMI 2.1, 3 x USB 3.1 Type-A Dimensi..
Manufacturer Microsoft Model (article) Xbox Series X Equipment Game console Wireless joystick HDMI cable Power cable Documentation Games included - ..
In 2017, fans of computer games received an Xbox One X console as a gift, which was the main competitor of the legendary PlayStation 4 Pro. The device was d..
The next generation of games brings our largest digital library to our smallest Xbox ever. With more dynamic game worlds, faster downloads, and the addition..
Features Microsoft Xbox Series S 512Gb + GTA 5 Premium Edition + The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of The Year Edition (Russian version) CPU Custom Zen 2 8x3...
The next generation of games brings our largest digital library to the smallest Xbox ever. With more dynamic game worlds, faster downloads, and the addition..
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How much does a Playstation cost?

The Sony Playstation 4 game console of the penultimate generation can be bought for 10,999 hryvnias, the price of the new Sony Playstation 5 console starts from 13,699 hryvnias.

How much does an Xbox cost?

The cost of the most popular game console Xbox One varies from UAH 4,299 to UAH 9,399.

The entertainment industry offers a huge selection of products for a fun and rewarding pastime. It has been scientifically proven that the use of game consoles develops reaction and contributes to the development of situational analysis skills. Not only children and teenagers become gamers, but also adults. Many of them subsequently go on to successful professional careers in eSports. Of course, you can play video games on a regular computer and even on a simple smartphone, but it is better to use a game console for this purpose. The prefix is ​​specially designed for the game, and is equipped with a powerful processor and large RAM. Portable devices are not worse than their stationary ones

Game consoles in the Tion catalog

There are many varieties of consoles that vary in form factor, type, controls, and functionality. Conventionally, they can be divided into two groups: with their own display and connected to a TV.

By type, game consoles are divided into portable and stationary, the latter can be wireless or connected via cable.

In a separate category, children's consoles stand out, which are quite large in size and painted in bright colors. Cases are made of blue, green, red or golden plastic, combined solutions are used: red with blue or purple with orange.

A wide variety of devices are used to control the game on consoles:



PlayStation Camera, Move and VR;

gamepads wired and wireless;


Each console comes with its own controls. On portable models, they can be either removable or permanent. The arsenal of control devices for stationary consoles can be expanded by purchasing additional joysticks supported by the system.

The most popular consoles among gamers are the three most famous platforms:

Nintendo. The Japanese manufacturer specializes in the production of portable, including specialized children's consoles. At the moment, devices are offered in two series Switch and Switch Lite, as well as a retro version of "Hello from the 90s" in two versions SUP and VIB. Many games have been developed for Nintendo consoles, one of them is pre-installed on each of the proposed models.

PlayStation. Sony produces, in addition to stationary gaming devices of the fourth and fifth generation, as well as portable gaming devices of the Lesko series. Consoles have a futuristic design, especially the latest models with a vertical body on a stand, and are equipped with an ergonomic wireless joystick.

Xbox. The famous American brand offers an extensive line of game consoles: One, One S, One X 1 and series x. Cases of devices and joysticks are made of black or white plastic, but can also be combined. Devices have excellent functionality and excellent technical characteristics.

The catalog of the online store presents an extensive range of retro consoles. In addition to the mentioned company from Japan, little-known brands such as XoKo, X-Pro or Hamy are also producing the latter. Some of them have pre-installed games of the once popular Sega or Dendy brands, and also provide support for maps. Such devices will appeal to retro lovers who often recall the golden years of the late 90s and early 2000s.

Options and functionality

Game consoles are specially designed for gamers and are equipped with powerful processors. The set-top boxes are supplied to the consumer in various configurations, each of which provides the possibility of using it for its intended purpose without purchasing additional equipment. Portable devices have two removable or non-removable joysticks, stationary - usually one. The kit necessarily includes one or more branded games, the names of which appear in the name of each particular model.

Depending on the level of equipment, set-top boxes differ significantly in functionality and technical characteristics:

The minimum storage capacity is 8 GB, the maximum can be up to 2 TB.

Supported resolution for desktop consoles is from 1280x720 to 3840x2160 pixels.

The amount of RAM varies from 512 MB for the simplest models to 16 GB for advanced ones.

Some game consoles are offered as part of Bundle sets, which, in addition to the device itself, include sets of colorful pictures with characters. For some models, a free subscription to services and content from the official services of the manufacturer's brand is provided.

Advantages of specialized attachments

For games, especially sophisticated ones, devices are needed.