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Silver chain Shell

4,936 грн.
  • Brand: Ewerly
  • Product Code: Панцирь
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Silver chain "Shell" can be made almost any weight and length.

 Silver armor chain (single weave) is a classic variant.  Depending on the thickness of its links, it may look a bit rough, but in this case it is perfect for men who want to demonstrate their high social status and a strong financial position.  Massive armor chains, and especially short length for wearing under the neck, will not leave you unnoticed, so it's worth to be prepared for increased attention.  Such a chain with fairly wide and thick links can be worn alone, like a tourniquet or matching it with similar massive pendants.

Weight 925 sterling silver 133.5 (± 3) г
Coating Absent
Width: 10 (± 0.5) мм

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