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Metropolitan Jewelry Factory

In 1977, a group of people who were truly in love with the production of jewelry created the Metropolitan Jewelry Factory.

 All the time of its work, the Metropolitan Jewelry Factory sought to achieve perfection and the highest quality of its products.  It is safe to say that they succeeded.  The capital jewelry factory uses modern equipment and constantly introduces modern technologies.

 The jewelry network of the Metropolitan Jewelry Factory has more than 100 branded jewelry stores in most major cities of Ukraine.

 The catalog of the Metropolitan Jewelry Factory has a huge range of diverse jewelry in which there are more than 500,000 jewels.

 For all the time, the Capital Jewelry Factory has won the hearts of more than 100,000 regular customers.

 The catalog of the Metropolitan Jewelry Factory presents a huge variety of gold and silver rings, earrings with and without inserts, there are beautiful bracelets, chains and necklaces with precious and semi-precious inserts, wedding rings and suspensions.  In the catalog of the Metropolitan Jewelry Factory there are both women's and men's jewelry, as well as jewelry for children.

 Highly skilled jewelry makers work at the production of the Metropolitan Jewelry Factory; they invest their soul in the creation of exquisite jewelry, which undergo strict quality control at all stages of production.

 The capital's jewelry factory is a regular participant in the All-Ukrainian jewelry exhibitions.  The capital jewelry factory has a lot of awards and diplomas.

 In addition to the all-Ukrainian jewelry exhibitions, the Metropolitan Jewelry Factory participates in international exhibitions, where it worthily represents the Ukrainian manufacturer of jewelry.



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