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Silver earrings

Silver earrings

The style that forms the image of a modern woman includes several components, one of which is jewelry.  Ornaments help express themselves, emphasizing the elegance and refinement of nature.  One of the best assistants in the struggle for an actual and fashionable style is silver earrings, which there are a great many.  They can have different inserts, shapes, types of fasteners.  This is exactly the accessory that takes a direct part in creating a thorough image.  Many people think how to buy inexpensive silver earrings in Ukraine?  Everything is very simple!  It is enough to go to our site and choose what you like.  A huge range and low prices from the manufacturer will not leave anyone indifferent.  All silver earrings have a unique design.  With inserts of precious or semi-precious stones or without them, any shape and size.

Inside the jewelry design of earrings ADRIANA small zircons are located, forming an original continuous pattern in the form of circles and laths.  The ..
1,357 грн.
The main highlight of the earrings AGATA - the central stone, located obliquely.  Above it is a gold plate, a zircon is attached to a silver strip loca..
753 грн.
Three decorative elements, located obliquely, form the basis of earrings ALEXANDRA.  Alternating gold plates and zirconium inserts create a harmonious ..
775 грн.
Stylish and concise earrings ALISIA will attract lovers of low-key forms and low-key design.  A single stone, located at the bottom of the earrings, is..
631 грн.
Earrings ALMA have a suspension design, consisting of three parts.  The top of the decoration is a gold plate, the middle part is a zirconium ring, the..
1,046 грн.
Eastern stylistics decoration is the basis of earrings ALMA-ATA.  In the center are three stones - green and two colorless, vertically arranged gold pl..
1,019 грн.
AMANDA earrings are visually divided into two parts.  The first is a gold plate-semicircle, the second is a black enamel coating with an engraving...
834 грн.
Three vertically arranged decorative strips - the main feature of earrings AMUR.  Mixing colors and textures makes the product stylish and elegant.&nbs..
982 грн.
A large zircon (in the photo - a stone of the color of a sea wave) makes ANGELIKA earrings royally luxurious and stylish.  Under it are four elegant st..
723 грн.
The design of the ANTONINA earrings has two parts.  The upper part is represented by a rectangular geometric figure, covered with black enamel and deco..
955 грн.
If you put on APREL earrings on yourself in December, then in your soul spring blossoms will blossom and the world will sparkle with bright colors.  In..
899 грн.
And for a young girl, and for an older lady, earrings-pendants of ARLIN will become a nice and desirable gift.  Compositional basis are zircons of vari..
856 грн.
Earrings-pendants ARTEMIS consist of three parts.  At the top is a thin gold plate, which is put into a round zirconium insert.  The main part of ..
837 грн.
The original design of earrings AURORA consists in a combination of enamel of red and white color, and also zirconium inserts.  Through all the decorat..
1,183 грн.
Earrings AZALIA - a sample of refinement and originality.  The design of the earrings consists of two parts: the upper is represented by a vertical sil..
887 грн.
You will always be in the center of attention, if you will have a stylish silver decoration - earrings LAZUR, which have the form of suspension.  The m..
1,001 грн.
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