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Silver Bracelet Moon

759 грн.
  • Brand: Ewerly
  • Product Code: Луна
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Silver bracelet "Moon" can be made almost any weight and length.

 "Luna" is a beautiful name and the same beautiful weaving in a silver bracelet with black ink.  The bracelet "Luna" can be labeled with dignity both male and female at the same time.  And this is due to its "universal" pattern something similar to two Months (incomplete Moons) on every link, as if taken from the night sky.

 A third-party observer is unlikely to classify such a bracelet to any particular gender.  Seeing, on a woman's hand, he will be called female, and when he sees it, the male will uniquely identify him as a man's.  Preferences in the sizes are also very different, they are ordered from the smallest ones to just huge bracelets with weaving "Luna".

Weight 925 sterling silver 17 (± 1) г
Coating Blackening
Width: 7 (± 0.5) мм

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