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Silver Bracelet Moon

743 грн.
  • Brand: Ewerly
  • Product Code: Луна
  • Availability: In Stock

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Silver bracelet "Moon" can be made almost any weight and length.

 The silver bracelet "Moon" looks like the "Arab bismarck" weaving, but there are differences and are not even visible to the expert at close examination.  Of course the main difference is in different patterns, although we will not deny some similarity.  A less noticeable second difference is the height of the weave.

The height of the products from the weaving of the "Moon" and "Arab bismarck" with the same length, width and weight will vary, the "Moon" will be about a half to two times higher, so if you are attracted by higher bracelets, and the choice lies between the two  with the above-described weave, then without any doubts we recommend to make your final decision in favor of "Moon", especially their cost is almost the same.

Weight 925 sterling silver 15.5 (± 1) г
Coating Absent
Width: 5.5 (± 0.5) мм

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