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Buy a silver zipper bracelet

1,195 грн.
  • text_seller Jewelry workshop "Tion"
  • Product Code: Серебряный браслет Молния
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Silver zipper bracelet can be either bracelet with a standard carabiner lock or with an exclusive lock - Box. To do this you just need to select the parameters bracelet Zipper, which are under the value of the current product. In the parameters bracelet, is available not only the choice of lock, but also other parameters, when changed will change the value silver bracelet Lightning. Silver bracelets weaving Zipper, mostly popular among men, some girls also buy themselves Bracelets Zipper, only of course much more modest size, which can be easily changed on this site. As described above, under the cost of the current product, you can customize almost any parameter bracelet to suit your taste, or, alternatively, choose a suitable cost bracelet made of silver weave Zipper. Jewelry workshop "Tion" considers all options for cooperation. We work on a dropshipping system. If you have any questions, please call: +38(095) 76-96-274 (viber). From us you can buy or order Silver bracelet Lightning almost any parameters. We will consult and produce for you bracelet, which will look delightfully on your hand!
Weight 925 sterling silver 21,7 г.
Coating Чернение
Width: 7 мм.
Length: 21 см.

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