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SA&GA Jewelery House

Jewelry House SA & GA, for many years, has consistently followed its tradition, producing stunning jewelry of the highest quality, which can easily satisfy the most strict, sophisticated and demanding taste.

 SA & GA Jewelry House is located at Kramatorsk, Kramatorsk Boulevard, 41.

 The SA & GA Jewelry House regularly creates miniature elegant reminders “On gold products” and presents them to its customers.  Thus, the company, parting with their products, passing them into the hands of customers, continues to take care of their creations.

 For all the time of its existence, and this is more than 20 years, the jewelry house SA & GA has created many jobs.  A small jewelry company, which employed about a dozen people, today the company employs more than 200 people of different jewelry specialties.

 The merits of the SA & GA jewelry house were secured both by economic factors and by the talent and enterprise of their managers, the value system that they were able to bring up among their employees.

 The management and the entire staff of SA & GA Jewelry House always strive for success and always only optimistically looks into the future of the company.


+380 (50) 470-97-41

+380 (62) 647-12-28