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Luhansk Jewelry factory Triumph

Lugansk jewelry factory Triumph is known throughout the territory of Ukraine for producing a huge range of exquisite wedding rings.

 Lugansk jewelry factory Triumph was founded by Yuri Kasyanov, who has more than 20 years of experience in jewelry.

 In 2006, Yury Kasyanov and several more talented jewelers created a small jewelry workshop, which very quickly grew into a large jewelry factory called Triumph.

 The team of craftsmen of Lugansk jewelry factory Triumph are members of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine, and have many awards by participating in jewelry exhibitions.

 Triumph Jewelry Factory has such awards as: "Enterprise of the Year 2010", "National Leaders of Ukraine" and the head of the Triumph factory was recognized as the "Leader of the Year 2010".

 Lugansk jewelry factory Triumph has many satisfied customers and a lot of positive feedback.  Many of the factory customers are permanent.  They regularly buy jewelry for themselves or make awesome gifts to loved ones.

 Jewelry Factory Triumph has a very large catalog of various jewelry, which are in great demand throughout Ukraine.

 The Triumph jewelry factory catalog contains more than 5,000 various jewelry, but the pride of the jewelry factory are wedding rings, there are more than 2,000 models in the catalog.

 Masters of the Triumph Jewelry Factory work on unique German equipment, which allows you to create unique and high-quality jewelry.

 Jewelry Factory Triumph follows all the trends of the world jewelry fashion, introducing the newest technologies into production in order to always be ahead of its competitors.


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