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Kiev Jewelry Factory

Kiev Jewelry Factory (KYUZ) is considered one of the largest jewelry factories in Ukraine.  Kiev Jewelry Factory (KYUZ) has an excellent reputation among its customers and all connoisseurs of jewelry fashion in Ukraine.  Kiev Jewelry Factory (KYUZ) is a trendsetter in jewelry fashion.  KYUZ carries the best traditions of jewelry craftsmanship and gives all its customers the most precious and unforgettable moments in their lives.

 Kiev Jewelry Factory (KYUZ) cares about its customers and constantly studies their needs and requests.

 In the production of jewelry Kiev jewelry factory uses the most modern technology, thanks to this, the Kiev jewelry factory (KYUZ) is considered to be a unique enterprise that produces high-quality jewelry.

 Kiev Jewelry Factory has a huge catalog of jewelry made of gold and silver.  The catalog of Kiev jewelry factory presents a wide range of rings, earrings and pendants, chains of necklaces and bracelets, as well as various souvenirs.

 All jewelry manufactured by Kiev Jewelry Factory is of excellent quality, as it is produced on the most modern equipment using unique technological processes.

 The quality of jewelry of the Kiev jewelry factory is confirmed by the presence of all relevant brands.  The quality of the precious metal is confirmed by the presence of the assay mark, the authenticity of the jewelry is confirmed by the presence of the name stamp as well as the brand tag, and the quality of the gems used in jewelry is confirmed by the State Gemological Center of Ukraine.

 Jewelry of the Kiev jewelry factory can be seen in almost any jewelry store, in all corners of Ukraine.  Kiev Jewelry Factory also has its own network of jewelry stores throughout the country.

 Kiev Jewelry Factory (KYUZ) regularly takes part in all-Ukrainian and international jewelry exhibitions and fairs, and has many awards.

 Kiev Jewelry Factory (KYUZ) has its fans, who for many years have acquired jewelry produced only by the Kiev Jewelry Factory.


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