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Jewelry factory Vostok

Jewelry Factory Vostok is another Kharkiv enterprise that specializes in the production of jewelry from yellow, red and white gold, as well as silver 925.  Jewelry Factory Vostok is located at Primakov Street 46, and is a neighbor of Aurora Jewelry Factory.

 The company employs qualified jewelry masters who know their work and do their work efficiently.

 Jewelry Factory Vostok monthly capable of producing more than 300 kg.  products.  This is due to the continuous operation of 25 chain-knitting machines of Italian origin.  There are only 25 such machines at the Vostok jewelry factory. Vostok Jewelry Factory is equipped with the newest and most modern Italian equipment from the leading trendsetters of jewelry fashion: FAIMOND, IEKO, SISMA, METALFINISHING, FASTI, Cavallin SRL, etc.

 To date, the product range of the jewelry factory Vostok, has more than 200 models of various jewelry.

 Jewelry Factory Vostok has great popularity in the Ukrainian jewelry market.  The craftsmen of the factory always strive to create the highest quality jewelry.  Due to such work, the jewelry factory Vostok was able to achieve great success in its activities.

 Jewelry Factory Vostok creates jewelry that is designed for a wide range of consumers and for any of its age groups.

 The main principle of the jewelry factory Vostok has always been the production of high-quality jewelry, while offering very flexible prices and attentive attitude to its customers.

 Jewelry Factory Vostok has repeatedly participated in specialized jewelry exhibitions and has many different diplomas and awards.  Many guests of jewelry exhibitions very soon became clients of the jewelry factory Vostok.  This is not surprising, because with its assortment of chains, the company stands out among the other participants in jewelry exhibitions.

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