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Партнерская программа от Tion Jewellery

Партнерская программа от Tion Jewellery

Наша партнерская программа совершенно уникальная и абсолютно бесплатная.

Она позволяет всем участникам получать дополнительный доход, создавая свой собственный бизнес.

Уникальность нашего предложения заключается в том, что после регистрации, без каких-либо расходов, Вы получаете готовый и рабочий сайт, а именно:
- копия данного сайта, но уже с Вашими контактными данными
- сайт будет расположен на нашем хостинге, а по этому никаких оплат за его размещение в сети от Вас не потребуется
- автоматическое обновление товаров
- круглосуточная поддержка и помощь в работе
- мгновенный платеж при оформлении Вашего заказа
- надежного поставщика для Вашего интернет-магазина

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Jewelry factory Smaragd

Smaragd Kharkov Jewelry Factory has existed in the jewelry market for over 19 years.  Over the years, Smaragd Jewelry Factory has achieved considerable success and won confidence from a large number of people who have become regular customers of the Smaragd enterprise.  The Smaragd jewelry factory began its work as a small workshop, which very soon became a jewelry manufacturing company, working and developing steadily in the jewelry market of Ukraine.

  Kharkov jewelry factory Smaragd located at ul.  Poltava Way, 23/25.

 Smaragd Jewelry Factory has a wide range of various jewelry.  There are about 1500 different models in the plant catalog using semi-precious and precious inserts.  Most of the jewelry from the Smaragd jewelry factory catalog is exclusively men's jewelry (tie clips, signets, pendants, lighters, original wedding rings, etc.)

 Smaragd Jewelry Factory produces more than 100 types of men's and women's watches made of gold and silver, as well as bracelets to them.  Such watches are guaranteed to emphasize the high status of its owner.

 Smaragd Jewelry Factory has excellent design masters who work every day to create such jewelry, the beauty of which will bring pleasure and joy to its owner.  The master jewelers working at the Smaragd jewelry factory do an excellent job with individual orders, creating exclusive jewelry based on customer sketches.

 Smaragd Jewelry Factory constantly participates in the All-Ukrainian jewelry exhibitions, has many diplomas and awards for the excellent performance of all kinds of jewelry and unique design of men's and women's wrist watches.  Smaragd Jewelry Factory has a huge number of satisfied customers and has partners from almost all regions of the country.

 An integral part of the image of the Smaragd jewelry factory is an individual approach to each client, a guarantee of the quality of all the jewelry and a friendly atmosphere in the collective of the enterprise.


38 (057) 712-07-85