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Jewelry Factory Favorite

Kharkiv jewelry factory Favorit has been in the Ukrainian jewelry market for more than 10 years and during its work, the factory has established itself as a Ukrainian brand that produces high-quality jewelry.  The jewelry factory Favorit produces high-quality jewelry from both gold 585 and 925 silver using inserts made of precious and synthetic stones.

 Jewelry that produces jewelry factory Favorite are very popular both in Ukraine and abroad.  In recent years, outside Ukraine, the demand for jewelery factory Favorite products has grown, and the plant management has decided to open the production of jewelry Favorite in Kazakhstan!

 To the surprise, the jewelry factory Favorit does not have its own retail network, and all the time the factory worked, its factory sold its jewelry only through wholesale.

 Today, for sure there is a chance to find jewelry at Favorit jewelry factory in the online store at the price from the manufacturer at retail.

 The range of jewelry factory Favorit, is formed through a thorough analysis of all data on consumer preferences and fashion trends of the jewelry market.

 Favorit Jewelry Factory is located in Kharkiv region, Pokotylivka, st.  International, 144