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Jewelry factory Agni

  Agni - Kharkov Jewelry Factory

Since ancient times, the jewelry industry was actively developing in Kharkov, and the city was rich in jewelry enterprises that produced charming jewelry made of gold and silver.  No wonder that in Kharkov every year various exhibitions of jewelry are held.

 One of such Kharkov jewelry enterprises is Agni Jewelry Factory, which began its work in the distant 1993 and is located at ul.  Shishkovskaya 10.

 Kharkov jewelry factory Agni quickly took a leading position in the jewelry market, and confidently takes them today.  The jewelers of the Agni jewelry factory do their work responsibly, making unique in their originality jewelry made of gold and 925 sterling silver, which has been pleasing the eye of its customers for many years.

 The main focus of the Agni jewelry factory is an exquisite collection of gold jewelry with gems.  Thanks to bright emeralds, sapphires and passionate rubies, the masters of the Agni jewelry factory manage to translate into reality elegant and very stylish jewelry that is perfect for both festive events and everyday wear.

 It is safe to say that the jewelry that the Agni jewelry factory produces will appeal to everyone.

 Agni Jewelry Factory produces exquisite jewelry of different price categories that use: topaz, garnet, amethyst, agate and many other semi-precious stones.

 In the catalog of the Agni jewelry factory, more than 3,000 silver jewelry are presented.  These are chains and bracelets, crosses, pendants and amulets, rings, rings and earrings.  All sections of jewelry catalog are updated monthly.

 To be as close as possible to its customers, Agni Jewelry Factory tries to take part in every jewelry exhibition.  By participating in jewelry exhibitions, the Agni jewelry factory management gets an opportunity to personally observe how they manage to interest a large number of people, presenting their best jewelry collections and thus give them a lot of positive emotions.


+38 (050) 216-34-83

+38 (050) 216-34-83



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