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Jewelry factories of Zaporozhye

Zaporozhye jewelry plants

 Zaporozhye is a small city in which not many jewelry factories work, but one of them glorified the city of Zaporozhye not only throughout Ukraine, but also abroad.  In Ukraine, everyone has heard about the Golden Age Jewelry Factory, but not everyone knows that this factory is located in the city of Zaporozhye.

 In addition to the jewelry factory of the Golden Age in Zaporozhye, several more jewelry factories are operating.  The most famous of them is the jewelry factory Demos and Arista.

 Jewelry factories of the city of Zaporozhye can be seen as participants in various jewelry exhibitions, they have their fans and regular customers.

 In many jewelry stores throughout Ukraine you can see jewelry that was created by Zaporozhye jewelry factories.

 Many believe that it is Zaporizhia Jewelry Factory Golden Age, which is the largest jewelry factory in Ukraine.  This is not surprising, since this jewelry factory is a sponsor of many events not only in the city of Zaporozhye, in each city of Ukraine there are many jewelry stores of this brand.

 However, many jewelry specialists do not think so, because they believe that the company purchases jewelry from other manufacturers, and all valuable jewelry is simply unthinkable, but anyway, TM Golden Age contains the most magnificent jewelry that tasted  millions of satisfied customers.

 Zaporozhye cannot compare its quantity of jewelry factories with the city of Kiev or Kharkov and even Odessa, but we offer you a list of the best jewelry factories of the city of Zaporozhye and hope that among them you will find a jewelry manufacturer with whom you will be pleased to deal.

 Golden age

 Jewelry company "The Golden Age" exists since 2000. And it is one of the largest manufacturing jewelry companies in Ukraine.  We offer you the originality and uniqueness of the design ideas of jewelry art.  Classic and modern styles, elegance and elegance, excellent quality and reasonable price - all this is a distinctive feature of our products.

 Zaporozhye city, Krivoy Rog, 24


 Zaporozhye city, Lermontov street, 10/20


 Zaporozhye city, Poltava street, 49-A


 Zaporozhye city, Khortitskoy street, 28


 Jewelry company "Arista" is a new star on the jewelry sky of Ukraine.  Its appearance was noted by several diplomas of international jewelry exhibitions and diplomas "For originality" in the contest "The Best Jewelry of the Year".

 Zaporozhye, Soborniy Ave., 149


 Zaporozhye,  Krivoy Rog, 24


 Jewelry of Orthodox collections is of artistic value as collectible things: they are not subject to momentary fashion trends, as they embody eternal, enduring values ​​and ideals.  Silver because of its whiteness has long been a symbol of chastity, purity and holiness.


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