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Jewelry factories Kramatorsk

The city of Kramatorsk can safely be called the jewelry city of Ukraine, since it is here that a lot of jewelry factories operate, which are very popular both throughout Ukraine and abroad.  Each resident of Kramatorsk is proud that such large enterprises operate in their city that they are engaged in the manufacture of jewelry made of gold and silver.  Kramatorsk jewelry factories, provide an opportunity for all residents of the city to master the prestigious profession of a jeweler, and offer them many jobs.  A lot of people from all over the country go to the city of Kramatorsk to get the amazing jewelry that Kramatorsk jewelry factories produce.

Everyone who is interested in the jewelry industry of Ukraine has repeatedly heard about such jewelry factories of Kramatorsk as Jewelerelite, Viola, SA & GA, Empire of Gold, Viola and many more.  In addition to jewelry factories, the city of Kramatorsk is known for the fact that there are a lot of jewelry design studios that have huge catalogs of various models of jewelry and provide the opportunity to buy a master model of the product or its stencil.  The most famous jewelry design studios of the city of Kramatorsk are Master Model and Art Model.  The services of these studios regularly turn many jewelry factories and workshops from all over Ukraine.

 Jewelry factories that work in the city of Kramatorsk create incredible jewelry that delight many with its beauty and originality.  Probably every jewelry store in Ukraine has jewelery created by Kramatorsk jewelry factories in its windows, and if there are no such items in the store, then their owners should think about it, since these items very soon find an owner for themselves.

At each Ukrainian exhibition of jewelry you can see representatives of many jewelry factories of the city of Kramatorsk.  Kramatorsk jewelry factories have many awards for their contribution to the jewelry industry of the country and have a large number of regular customers.

 Jeweler Online Jewelery Exhibition presents to your attention a complete list of jewelry factories in the city of Kramatorsk.

 Master Model

 Kramatorsk, Academicheskaya street, 11


 Kramatorsk jewelry factory "Jewelerel" - one of the largest jewelry enterprises of Ukraine, has been successfully working in the jewelry industry since October 1997.  The company employs the best master artists, graduates of the Krasnoselskaya Jewelry School.

 Kramatorsk, Druzhby street, 14


 Kramatorsk, Mashinostroiteley Boulevard, 24

 SA & GA

 Kramatorsk, Kramatorskiy Boulevard, 41

 The Golden Elite

 Kramatorsk, Oleksy Tikhogo street, 1

 Beau monde

 "Bomond" LLC is engaged in the production of jewelry from precious metals and precious stones and wholesale trade in its products.  In the manufacture of jewelry, Beaumonde uses the equipment, tools, materials and technologies of the world's leading countries.

 Ul.  Shkadinov - 11. Kramatorsk

 The Empire of Gold

 The company produces jewelry made of red and white gold of 585 tests.

 Kramatorsk,  Lazo 15


 Private enterprise "PKP Cameo" was founded in 2001.  The enterprise produces and sells products made of gold and silver using, in particular, natural and synthetic stones.

 Kramatorsk,  Бородіно, 9


 One of the directions of the plant is the production of wedding rings.  They are more than 100 species.  These are smooth rolled products, and products with diamond cut, with natural and synthetic inserts, made of different colors of gold and their combinations.  The range of engagement rings is constantly expanding.

 Kramatorsk,  Socialist, 24


 Jewelry design studio "Gelis" offers its collection of wax models.  This is a collection of modern lightweight jewelry, which are successfully sold throughout Ukraine and CIS countries.


 Limited liability company "VIOLA" was founded in 1993.  The company specializes in the design and manufacture of jewelry with inserts of precious stones - diamonds, emeralds, sapphires.  The assortment includes about three hundred samples of various jewelry, mostly modern classical style.

 Kramatorsk,  Gu.  Kantimirovtsov, 1-A


 Production and trade enterprise "Yuvelirservis" was founded in 1992, is one of the founders of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine.

 Kramatorsk, Blvd.  Kramatorskiy 41


 Jewelry enterprise Ltd. "Trianik" has been working since 1995.  He is engaged in the manufacture of jewelry from silver.  The catalog of the enterprise includes more than 1250 models.

 Kramatorsk, st.  Magnitogorsk, 7


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