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Jewelry factories Kharkov

Kharkov jewelry plants

Kharkov is a jewelry city.  It is in Kharkov that there are a large number of jewelry enterprises that are engaged in the manufacture of jewelry from gold and silver.

 A lot of Kharkiv jewelry factories gained popularity both in Ukraine and abroad.  Kharkov Jewelry Factory is undoubtedly the leader of the jewelry industry in the city of Kharkov and for many years of its work has won the trust of a large number of jewelry fashion connoisseurs.  Kharkov Jewelry Factory produces exquisite gold jewelry and sells them all over Ukraine and outside its chapels.

 Another well-known jewelry enterprise in the city of Kharkov is Kharkov Jewelry Factory (HYUF).  Many have heard of the terrible tragedy that occurred on January 8, 2014.  At the Kharkov Jewelry Factory there was a fire after which eight people died.  But Kharkiv Jewelry Factory (HYUF) won its popularity not due to fire, but to its original collections of jewelry, which were repeatedly noticed both at Ukrainian and at international jewelry exhibitions.

 In addition to these two giant jewelry factories in KharkivKharkov has a huge variety of small jewelry factories that, with their assortment and quality of manufactured jewelry, are not inferior to the largest jewelry factories in the country.

 Jeweler Online Jewelery Exhibition presents to your attention the best companies and jewelry factories of the city of Kharkov.

 In our catalog of jewelry factories in Kharkov, you can find such enterprises as: “Aurora”, “Agni”, “Vostok”, “Umax”, “Kharkiv chain” and many more other jewelry manufacturing factories.

 To our great regret, we cannot place on our site a complete list of jewelry factories that exist in the city of Kharkov, since not all enterprises want to advertise their activities and wish to remain in the shadows without attracting special attention.

 We have tried to collect for you a maximum of jewelry factories in Kharkiv and sincerely hope that you can choose a worthy partner and supplier of jewelry, or simply choose a refined and unique piece of jewelry for yourself or a gift to a loved one.


Jewelry factory Aurora is proud and cherishes its experts in creating jewelry.

 Kharkiv, Primakov Street, 46


In the catalog of the Agni jewelry factory, more than 3,000 silver jewelry are presented.  These are chains and bracelets, crosses, pendants and amulets, rings, rings and earrings.  All sections of jewelry catalog updated monthly.

 Kharkov, Shishkovskaya street, 10-A


The main principle of the jewelry factory Vostok has always been the manufacture of high-quality jewelry, while offering very flexible prices and attentive attitude to its customers.

 Kharkov, Shishkovskaya street, 10-A

 Kharkov Jewelry Factory HYUZ

 Kharkiv Jewelry Factory (HYUZ) is a very large and modern jewelry enterprise, the range of which contains a huge amount of luxurious, stylish and diverse silver jewelry, including tableware.

 Kharkov, Yuri Gagarin Avenue, 12


The Bruce Jewelry Factory regularly updates its collections with various jewelry in its own style from all kinds of gold colors, in which the masters of the company use various shapes and cut gems.

 Kharkov, Bogdana Khmelnitsky street, 14/16


For many years, the jewelry factory Panther has been producing jewelry and delights its customers.

 Kharkiv, Tractor Builders Avenue, 107

 Kharkov HYUF Jewelry Factory

 Kharkov Jewelry Factory occupies a leading position in the jewelry market of Ukraine.  This success came thanks to the successful creation of a business strategy.  And despite the economic crisis in the country,

 Kharkiv, Ak.  Proskury Street, 1


Smaragd Jewelry Factory constantly participates in the All-Ukrainian jewelry exhibitions, has many diplomas and awards for the excellent performance of all kinds of jewelry and unique design of men's and women's wrist watches.

 Kharkov, Poltava Shlyakh street, 23/25

 Flop Golovacheva

Jewelry Enterprise Golovacheva difficult to see at any exhibition of jewelry, product catalog is not great at all, but in the assortment of the enterprise you can always find a high-quality classic chain or bracelet, for both women and men.

 Kharkiv, Vologda 2nd entrance, 6

 Jewelery Exchange

 Masters of the Salon Jewelry Exchange can fulfill an order for the manufacture of jewelry of any complexity, from exquisite classics to very complex and exclusive models.

 Kharkov, Klochkovskaya street, 332-A


 Estet Jewelry Factory, one of the first among the jewelry factories of Ukraine, began to use computer equipment for three-dimensional modeling of jewelry.

 Kharkov, Pushkinskaya street, 47/49


 In the Zlatov Jewelry Factory catalog you can see a large assortment of various jewelry items, among which there are exquisite rings, luxury bracelets, sophisticated earrings, and much more that will appeal to every connoisseur of jewelry fashion.

 Kharkov city, Jury Soyfera street, 3, of.  Number 34


The basis of the work of Aquamarine Jewelry Factory is a conscientious approach to the manufacture of each jewelry.

 Kharkov, Kooperativnaya street, 9/3


In the catalog of the Rhythm Jewelry Factory you can see a large assortment of various jewelry.

 Kharkov, Yevhen Kotlyar street, 7


 "VSTAVKI.COM" offers a wide selection of cubic zirconia of good quality, accurate calibration, manual and machine cut.  The color scheme consists of 15 different colors: colorless, pink, garnet, champagne, olive, lavender, amethyst, blue, canary, black, etc.

 Kharkov, Kharkov embankment, 52


 All decorations of the Jewelry enterprise Gurkin are very popular both in the city of Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine.

 Kharkov, Yevhen Kotlyar street, 7


 Jewelry factory Olivin has been operating for many years and is one of the few noteworthy jewelry enterprises in the city of Kharkov.

 Kharkov, Victor Hugo Street, 26


Jewelry company VIC specializes in the manufacture of jewelry.

 Kharkiv, Kontorskaya street, 39

 PE Gevoyan

The jewelry enterprise Gevoyan PE has been working for many years and is one of the few noteworthy jewelry enterprises in the city of Kharkov.

 Kharkov, st.  Poltava Way 155

 FO-P Hartow

In the catalog of the Jewelry Enterprise FO-P Harts you can see a large assortment of diverse jewelry, among which there are exquisite rings, luxury bracelets, sophisticated earrings, and much more that will appeal to every connoisseur of jewelry fashion.

 Kharkov, st.  Krasnooktyabrskaya 39


Jewelry Factory Yumax produces jewelry that can complement the fashionable image, and perfectly combined with both casual and business style.

 Kharkov, Shevchenko St., 327


 Superb, highly skilled jewelry makers work at the Sapphire Jewelry Factory.

 Kharkov, ul. Kuznechnaya, 4/6


The range of jewelry factory Favorit, is formed through a thorough analysis of all data on consumer preferences and fashion trends of the jewelry market.

 Kharkiv district, town  Pokotylivka, st.  International, 144


Irida-V Jewelry Company creates a stunning collection of jewelry, in which you can see all types of jewelry, from traditional earrings and rings to large bracelets, rings and pendants.

 Kharkov, st.  Kalinin, 3


Jewelry Factory Arizona specializes in the manufacture of jewelry.

 Kharkov, st.  Matrosov, 8


Kharkov residents are well known for the Amethyst Jewelry Factory, and they regularly buy fine jewelry for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones.

 Kharkov, st.  Otakara Yarosh, 14

 Silver thread

The Silver Thread Jewelry Factory has been operating for many years and is one of the few noteworthy jewelry enterprises in the city of Kharkiv.

 Kharkov, st.  Blacksmith, 26

Kharkov chain

 Jewelry Factory Kharkov chain, is known for its success, among other jewelry factories of the city of Kharkov.

 Kharkov, st.  First Mounted Army, 99


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