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Jewelry factories in Kiev

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, and it is here that the largest jewelry factories of Ukraine are located.

 Every resident of Ukraine, who has been interested in jewelry at least once, was guaranteed to see jewelry that was made by Kiev jewelry factories in the windows of jewelry stores.  Everyone has heard of the Kiev Jewelry Factory, the Moscow Jewelry Factory and such jewelry companies as Blizzard, Diamant 13, Pectoral, Maksalina, Garazd, Gemma, Perseus, Zarina, Vilant, Perlin, and in addition to these largest jewelry factories, many more work in Kiev.  We will try to tell you about all of them.

 Many jewelry factories that have their own production in different cities of Ukraine have their main office in the city of Kiev.  Of course it is very convenient, Kiev is the center of the country, has a large population and a huge flow of tourists.  Each jewelry factory seeks to open its main office in the city of Kiev, despite the fact that it is very expensive.

 Kiev is rich in high-class jewelry craftsmen who work in Kiev jewelry factories, or work in their own jewelry workshops.  Many of them have moved to Kiev from different cities of Ukraine and are now developing their talents.

 In addition to jewelry factories, there are a lot of jewelry workshops in Kiev, which are engaged in the manufacture of exclusive jewelry for individual orders.

 In Kiev, All-Ukrainian jewelry exhibitions and jewelry fairs are regularly held.  It is in Kiev, they are most often.  Representatives of many jewelry factories come to Kiev to take part in the jewelry exhibition, because they know that there will be a lot of guests at these exhibitions.  At jewelry exhibitions in the city of Kiev, jewelry factories represent the most incredible and sophisticated jewelry.  If you have not been to such exhibitions, then you should visit them.

 The Jeweler Online Jewelery Exhibition will try to convey the whole atmosphere of these events, and present the best jewelry factories of the city of Kiev and their best jewelry collections to your attention.

 Kiev Jewelry Factory

 The assortment of jewelry products of Kyiv Jewelry Factory OJSC is over 5 thousand items.  Among the products there are sets, earrings, rings, necklaces, chains, pendants, bracelets that harmoniously combine nobility of metals and gems and perfection of execution.

 Kyiv city, Goloseevskaya street, 17


 LLC "Metelitsa" offers wholesale of jewelry made of silver of own and foreign production.  The collection of silver jewelry, in which the masters of jewelry affairs of the whole world have invested their taste, work and their own dreams, has a modern style and exquisite design.

 Kyiv city, Mary Priymachenko Boulevard, 1/27

 Diamond 13

 Diamant-13 pays special attention to innovations, this is a priority direction in the company's development philosophy as a whole.  Thus, due to the introduction of high-tech machine tools in production, as well as the development of new production technologies, new directions and prospects for development opened up before the enterprise.  Diamant-13 takes part in various exhibitions throughout Ukraine.  Become repeatedly a winner and a laureate of various kinds of competitions.

 Kyiv city, Mezhigorskaya street, 82-A


 Kyiv city, Vikentia Khvoyki street, 18/14


 Kyiv, Nikolay Bazhana Avenue, 1

 The Golden River

 Kyiv city, Avtozavodskaya street, 2

 The Golden Fleece

 Kyiv city, Vaclav Havel Boulevard, 8


 Kyiv city, Vaclav Havel Boulevard, 47/15


 This is the concept of creating and renewing the assortment of the jewelry company Pectoral.  Working on new products, artists-designers take as a basis the boundless knowledge of our ancestors about the world order, nature and man.

 Kyiv city, Zdolbunovskaya street, 2 \

 Ukrainian jewelers

 Kyiv city, Goloseevskaya street, 19


 Jewelry center "Maxalin" - is the production, wholesale of products with precious, semiprecious stones and pearls, highly artistic products of complex manual work, individual orders with the involvement of artists and designers of the company.

 Kyiv city, Shakhtorska street, 4-A


 Kyiv city, Verhniy Val ul street, 16

 Ark gold

 Kyiv city, Vadim Getman street, 40-А


 Garazd LLC was founded on June 15, 1993.  The main activity of the enterprise is the manufacture and sale of jewelry.  Activity with precious metals is carried out on the basis of a license of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

 Kyiv city, Pobedy avenue, 68


 In 2004 the enterprise appeared on the jewelry market of Ukraine.  The company employs experienced masters, whose work is already known to both buyers of jewelry, and jewelry manufacturers.

 Kyiv city, Antonovicha street, 50


 Jewelry company "Perseus" is a dynamically developing enterprise of a full cycle of production with a wholesale-retail trade network.

 Kiev, Collector Street, 30/1

 Royal Gold

 Kyiv, Petra Prokopovich Str. 142


 Kyiv city, Semyon Sklyarenko street, 15

 Light ornaments

 Kyiv, Tverskoy Stupik, 10

 Golden scorpion

 Kyiv city, Rusanovskiy Boulevard, 7


 Kyiv city, Knyazhy Zaton street, 1

 Metropolitan Jewelry Factory

 The company produces exquisite jewelry from gold of 585 tests and silver of 925 tests.

 Kyiv, pr. Nauki, 22


 The company "Wolvak" represents in the jewelry market of Ukraine jewelry from natural stones and pearls.  The main activity is the sale of jewelry, both wholesale and retail.  The company specializes in a wide range of cabochons, inserts and beads from the third group of semiprecious stones.


 Kiev,  Vasilkovskaya 28


 Kiev, Uritskogo st., 1


 Jewelry House "Zarina" is special offers for wholesale buyers, exclusive products made of delicate natural stones, able to satisfy the most refined taste, wide assortment, regularly replenished, convenient calculation schemes and valuable personal advice from real jewelry designers.

 Kiev,  Sportive, 3


 Manufacture of jewelry with diamonds.  Manufacture of jewelery by individual order.  Wholesale trade in jewelry with diamonds.  Manufacture of diamonds.

 Kiev,  Severo Syretsky, 3

 Pro-Gold Ukraine

 Kyiv, pr-t Krasnozvezdny, 119, office 512

 Phaeton Plus

 JSC "Faeton Plus" in the jewelry market of Ukraine is 11 years old.  The result of successful activity is over 5 thousand items of jewelry, which are distinguished by their high degree of thoughtfulness, aesthetics and refinement.

 Kiev,  The Sosnin family, 14

 Almaz-Diamant yu

 The company "Almaz-Diamant yu" has a license for the processing of rough diamonds, trading in precious jewelery stones and retailing jewelry.  It has its own production base, a staff of professional specialists in cutting and evaluation of rough diamonds and diamonds.  This allowed the company in a short time to acquire its name and attract the attention of the largest jewelry manufacturers of the diamond group in Ukraine.  "Diamond-Diamant Y", also successfully operates and on individual orders of jewelry studios and design studios.  The company cooperates with all regions of Ukraine, delivers and guarantees full confidentiality of orders.

 Kiev,  The Sosnin family, 11

 Diamonds of Dreams

 Wholesale and retail trade in jewelry made of precious metals and precious stones produced by jewelry factories in Vinnitsa and Kiev. Kiev.  Individual approach.  Manufacture of products made to order from the catalogs of jewelry manufacturers.  The lineup is constantly updated with the latest modern samples that can satisfy the most demanding customers.  In the range of rings, rings, earrings, pendants, chains, necklaces, headsets, watches, objects of worship.


 The main activity of the company is the manufacture and sale of gold jewelry with precious, semiprecious stones and synthetic inserts.  Production is produced in traditional (red) color, in European color (yellow), as well as products made of white gold.  Products produced by the company have both classical and modern design and are in demand by buyers.

 Kiev,  Shakhterskaya 5


 Closed Joint-Stock Company Perlina (formerly Ukrjuvellorg) is Ukraine's largest wholesale and retail trade in jewelry, souvenirs and watches.  More than 50 years of activity in the Ukrainian market, a chain of shops in the capital of Ukraine - the city of Kiev.

 Kyiv, Gmyri str., 1

 Taleon Gold

 Founded in 2004, Talion Gold Company has united many experienced designers, artists, jewelers and stone cutters who could in a short time realize the idea of ​​their organizer Andrei Laskovoy - to become a company that manufactures luxury products.

 Kiev,  Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 55


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