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Jewelry factories in Belaya Tserkov

The city of Belaya Tserkov is located not far from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and has a good reputation among connoisseurs of jewelry, as there are many large jewelry factories and small enterprises in the city of Belaya Tserkov specializing in the manufacture of gold and silver jewelry.

 Jewelry factories of the city of Bila Tserkva are very popular both throughout Ukraine and abroad.  Belotserkovsky jewelry factories produce a lot of incredible and stunning jewelry from both gold and silver, but the highlight is silver jewelry using gold inserts.

 Bila Tserkva is rich in jewelry factories that create such jewelry, and people from all over Ukraine go to Belaya Tserkov to buy silver jewelry with gold.

 In addition to the combination of silver and gold, the jewelry factories of the city of Bila Tserkva are known for silver jewelry with enamel of various colors.

 The jewelry factories of the city of Bila Tserkva are proficient in the technique of applying enamel, thanks to which the jewelry has a magnificent appearance and good quality.

 You can meet many representatives of jewelry factories of the city of Belaya Tserkov at each of both the All-Ukrainian and the international exhibition of jewelry.  Many of them are worthy competitors of the largest jewelry factories in Ukraine that take part in it.  Jewelry factories of the city of Bila Tserkva are numerous winners, and have many diplomas and awards for various achievements in the jewelry industry of Ukraine.

 The Jeweler Online Jewelery Exhibition provides you with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the list of jewelry factories in the city of Belaya Tserkov, which have been able to recommend themselves only from the best side and have an impeccable reputation and many positive reviews.

 We sincerely hope that you will appreciate our work, and will choose a reliable partner for yourself or simply acquire jewelry that combines all your wishes.


 White Church, Olesya Gonchar street, 60


 White Church, Dachnaya street, 1

 Belotserkovsky Jewelry Factory

 We produce jewelry made of multi-colored gold of 585 and 750 samples.  We pay great attention to the sets - rings, earrings and pendants, we produce bracelets with precious stones.  Constantly restore the range of jewelry.  We strive to satisfy even the most refined taste.  Also recycles the waste of jewelry production, we make refining of precious metals.

 White Church, 23, Fastovskaya Street, 23


 White Church, Dachnaya street, 3


 White Church of the city, Les Kurbas street, 3

 Golden Silver

 Golden Silver is a young creative team united by the process of creating high-quality jewelry. The distinctive feature of which is the combination of two alloys - silver with gold plates, we provide high quality jewelry and guarantee that the appearance of the products will retain its original sparkle for a long time  and the radiance in the hands of their possessor.

 White Church, st.  Kievskaya 74


 White Church, st.  Clay 47A


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