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Jewelry company Noblesse

The history of the world brand Noblesse began in Florence with the opening of a small family workshop by Damiano Diletta.  In this workshop, exclusive luxury items were created, such as jewelry cigarette cases, telescopes, perfume bottles, watches and all this was decorated with precious stones.  Damiano Diletta was very fond of traveling to exchange experience with the best jewelers.  He liked to experiment and successfully combined gold with stones, rare fabrics and wood.  Noblesse has won fame both in its homeland and behind its side.  Damiano Diletta and his family were believers and labeled their work as a heraldic sign - the lily.  So the Noblesse logo was born.  During the Second World War, the jeweler's workshop was destroyed and the Diletta family moved to Switzerland, where, decades later, Noblesse was re-established by the great-grandson of Daminano, Tito.  Tito teamed up with designer Jean Mobiel and together they have succeeded.


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