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Jewelery company CAVA

The jewelry factory that produces jewelry from gold and silver brands CAVA.COOL, cooperates with Tiffany & Co, and supports all the warranty obligations of the company with a worldwide reputation in the territory of Ukraine.  Qualifications of craftsmen, production facilities and technical capabilities of the jewelry manufacturer CAVA.COOL are sufficient to restore the original state of jewelry from gold and silver to Tiffany & Co..  The jewelry brand CAVA.COOL produces silver products made using the technology of Tiffany & Co company with precious and semiprecious inserts.  The jewelery factory CAVA.COOL jewelry is presented in more than 100 stores throughout Ukraine, as well as in Poland, Germany and Spain.  The jewelry company CAVA.COOL represents a truly wide range of jewelry that you can buy in Ukraine.  In the catalog there is also a highlight - it's silver jewelry with diamonds.  The radiance of pure stone is supplemented by a soft shine of silver.  Without exaggeration, this is the perfect combination.  The jewelry brand CAVA.COOL itself is engaged in the production of gold and silver ornaments, which means that the price of the products does not include numerous percentages of profits.  Therefore, even in a diamond collection, you can pick up a beautiful and elegant decoration with a precious insert at an incredibly low price.



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