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Kharkov jewelry factory Umax

Umax - Jewelry Factory Kharkov

Kharkov jewelry factory Yumaks is one of the few unique enterprises of its kind that uses the latest jewelry production technologies.  At the jewelry factory Yumaks work great masters of jewelry, which produce jewelry from silver.  The jewelry factory Yumax produces unique silver jewelry.

 In the catalog of the jewelry factory Yumaks a lot of women's jewelry.  All these jewelry are designed to emphasize the feminine individuality, beauty and grace.

 In the catalog of the jewelry factory UMAX, any woman will find jewelry for herself that meets all her desires and emphasizes a unique style.

 Also in the catalog of the jewelry factory UMAX a lot of jewelry for men and for children.

 Creating their works, all master jewelers from the UMAX factory study all the world trends of modern jewelry fashion.

 Kharkov jewelry factory Yumaks creates jewelry both from gold and silver using precious and semi-precious inserts, and also produces jewelry using leather, rubber and silicone.

 Jewelry Factory Yumax produces jewelry that can complement the fashionable image, and perfectly combined with both casual and business style.

 Especially for holidays and various feasts, UMAX Jewelry Factory produces silver cutlery, which will be a stylish and wonderful gift to relatives, friends or work colleagues.  Such silver cutlery will decorate any holiday in your home.

 The jewelry factory Yumax creates jewelry that will be affordable for each client.

 The manufacturing plant of jewelry UMAX is located in Kharkov, Shevchenko St., 327


+38 (093) 371-91-71

+38 (068) 371-91-71

+38 (099) 371-91-71


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