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Kharkov Jewelery Factory

Jewelry Factory Kharkiv

One of the most popular enterprises for the manufacture and sale of jewelry in Kharkov is Kharkov Jewelry Factory (HYUF).

 For many years, Kharkiv Jewelry Factory (HYUF) has been operating in the jewelry market and is very popular in both the Ukrainian and European markets.

 Kharkov Jewelry Factory produces jewelry from precious metals, and uses precious and semi-precious inserts in them.  The company HÜF has an extensive range of jewelry for people of any age and wealth.  Kharkov Jewelry Factory regularly updates its catalog, each season creating elegant and bright collections of jewelry.

 The many years of experience of the master jewelers of the factory is of great importance in the creation of modern and exclusive jewelry of the highest quality.

 The entire production process is focused on the production of the Kharkov Jewelry Factory.  Due to this, HÜF has the ability to reduce production costs and reduce the cost of products.

 Kharkov Jewelry Factory cooperates only with reliable and proven suppliers of precious metals and stones.  Each ornament passes strict control at all stages of its creation.

 Kharkov Jewelry Factory occupies a leading place in the jewelry market of Ukraine.  This success came thanks to the successful creation of a business strategy.  And despite the economic crisis in the country, Kharkiv Jewelry Factory does not stop on its laurels and continues to develop in all directions.

 Today Kharkiv Jewelry Factory is deservedly and officially a member of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine, and has more than 700 partners throughout Ukraine and Europe.

 Kharkov Jewelry Factory regularly takes part in both Ukrainian and international jewelry exhibitions, has many awards and diplomas, as well as recognition and high marks from leading jewelry experts.

 Kharkov Jewelry Factory is able to create jewelry of any complexity, this is due to the fact that the production uses the newest and most modern equipment.  The main feature of jewelry HYUF is a combination of different techniques of jewelry.


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