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Kharkov Jewelry Factory

Jewelry factory Kharkiv

The most popular plant for the manufacture of jewelry in the city of Kharkov is Kharkov jewelry factory, which has always been a leader in the jewelry industry for the production of jewelry made of 925 sterling silver. Kharkov jewelry factory are trusted in Ukraine and in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Moldova and the countries Baltii. Kharkov jewelry factory (HUS) was founded in 1929 and all this time he maintained all the traditions of jewelry production and was the guarantor of reliability and quality. But not many people know that the Kharkov jewelry factory started its work in 1923 as a small watchmaking workshop, which soon reached the scale of the factory began to make bracelets that was created from used in the watch Assembly and waste materials. Despite the fact that the first models of the bracelets were quite simple, they still managed to win the sympathy of many people. The factory was established a separate Department, which is engaged exclusively in the manufacture of jewelry. In 1950, the factory stopped making watches and started to rapidly develop jewelry production. The name of Kharkov jewelry factory was in 1973. The plant increased the range of products and improved jewelry design. The plant is located at Gagarina Avenue, 12. Today all jewelry Kharkov jewelry factory is an exciting mix of proven over many years of classic and changeable fashion jewelry. Each piece that produces Kharkov jewelry factory (HUS) has the highest quality and reliability. The enterprise HUS made a special quality control of raw materials, making all the decorations meet the special requirements. Kharkov jewelry factory (HUS) is very large and modern jewelry enterprise, the range of which there are a huge number of luxurious, stylish and versatile jewelry made of silver, including tableware. At the Kharkov jewelry factory are only the jewelers. HUS conducts a rigorous selection of personnel in their employment. Each jewellery piece is created at the Kharkov jewelry factory pass strict inspection of the State assay Inspectorate and has a corresponding mark.


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