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Gemma Jewelry Factory

Jewelry factory Gemma, is a fairly large enterprise that specializes in the manufacture of gold jewelry.

 Jewelry factory Gemma began its production activities in 2003.  From the first days of its work, Gemma Jewelry Factory has established itself as one of the most modern and reliable jewelry companies in Ukraine.  Highly qualified jewelry specialists work at the Gemma jewelry factory; they create high-quality jewelry items that many people can appreciate both in Ukraine and abroad.

 At the Gemma jewelry factory the most modern equipment is used, thanks to which the production has the opportunity to work at full power.

 The Gemma Jewelry Factory has its own cutting workshop, where the craftsmen create precious and semi-precious stones of any shape and cut.  Through the use of these stones in jewelry, the plant creates unique collections of jewelry.

 The Gemma Jewelry Factory cooperates with both retail and wholesale customers, as well as individual orders for the manufacture of exclusive jewelry are accepted at the factory.

 In the catalog of the Gemma jewelry factory there are original gold jewelry of different shades, in which inserts of semi-precious and precious stones are used.  The catalog has a very large and diverse range of jewelery, which is regularly updated.

 In the catalog of the Gemma jewelry factory, everyone will be able to choose for themselves a piece of jewelry that will definitely taste and delight in its beauty and originality.


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