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Dnipropetrovsk Jewelry Factory Edem

Dnepropetrovsk jewelry factory Edem, is considered one of the largest jewelry factories in Ukraine, which is engaged in the manufacture of original jewelry from 585 gold and 925 sterling silver.  Dnepropetrovsk Jewelry Factory Eden began its work in the jewelry market since 1995, and for all its years of work, the Eden jewelry factory was able to gain confidence and a lot of positive emotions from many of its regular and new customers.

 Dnepropetrovsk Jewelry Factory Edem is located at Dnepropetrovsk, Prospekt: ​​Kalinina, 73.

 From the very moment of its existence, the Edem jewelry factory has consolidated all the traditions of the jewelry industry.  Dnepropetrovsk Jewelry Factory Edem uses in its production only the most modern equipment and the latest technology, which allows the magnificent jewelry makers to create high-quality jewelry masterpieces.

 The catalog of the jewelry factory Edem presents a huge assortment of various jewelry.  To date, the catalog has more than 10,000 models of gold jewelry, which are made in various styles.

 Dnepropetrovsk jewelry factory Edem regularly participates in various fairs and exhibitions of jewelry.  Participation in jewelry exhibitions allows the company to conduct an operational analysis of all trends in the jewelry industry.  Jewelry factory Edem is always on top of jewelry fashion, creating new trends.  Dnepropetrovsk Jewelry Factory Edem offers its customers only original jewelry, which by its grace can impress the most demanding aesthetes.




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