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Silver chain Arabic bismarck

1,653 грн.
  • Brand: Ewerly
  • Product Code: Арабский бисмарк
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The silver chain "Arabic bismarck" can be made practically of any weight and length.

 The silver chain "Arab bismarck" is another chain that has already become a classic.  For many years this weaving has been popular all over the world.  It is worn by both men and girls.  And most importantly - a chain of silver "Arab bismarck" can be worn as an independent decoration, and with a variety of pendants, crosses, incense.

 It is no accident that we said that this weaving is spread all over the world.  Accordingly, in different parts of the earth, such chains of silver or gold have different names.  In the post-Soviet countries this chain weaving is more often called the Moscow bismarck.  You can also find it in the literature under the name "Arab Bismarck", "Arab", "Arabka" "Flat Bismarck", etc.

 In fact, the chain "Arab bismarck" is made in manual according to the technique of the classical bismarck.  There are only minor differences.  But in the end the chain turns out to be more airy - it has more space between the links.

Weight 925 sterling silver 39.5 (± 2) г
Coating Absent
Width: 8.5 (± 0.5) мм



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