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Bruce Jewelery Factory

Bruce - Kharkov Jewelry Factory

Kharkov jewelry factory Bruce began its work in 1994 and during its work has gained great popularity in both the Ukrainian and foreign jewelry market.  Bruce Jewelry Factory is a fairly large enterprise, which includes the production of jewelry, design studio and a well-developed network of dealer services.

 Bruce Jewelry Factory offers its customers a wide range of silver and gold jewelry using precious and semi-precious inserts.  In the catalog of the Bruce jewelry factory there are both exclusive jewelry and various jewelry at an affordable price for every taste.  Among them you will find chains, bracelets, rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings and pendants.  All models are made in accordance with all standards and the latest trends in jewelry fashion.

 Unlike most jewelry factories that only sell their work in bulk, the Bruce jewelry factory allows all segments of the population with different incomes and tastes to choose and buy the jewelry they like.

 There are three main components in the work of the Bruce jewelry factory - it is impeccable taste, which is combined with the exquisite performance of the master, the uniqueness and uniqueness of each jewelry and completely new solutions that are used in the creation of jewelry.

 Thanks to the magical properties of high-quality precious metal, which never loses the brilliance and energy of sunlight, the masters of the Bruce jewelry factory embody their most plastic fantasies and ideas into reality.

 Jewelry Factory Bruce tries to preserve as much as possible all the traditions of jewelry art, combining them with modernity.

 The Bruce Jewelry Factory regularly updates its collections with a variety of jewelry in its own style from all kinds of gold colors, in which the masters of the company use various shapes and cut gems.

 Bruce Jewelry Factory is a very popular enterprise in Kharkov.  The plant has a lot of fans both among Kharkiv residents and among residents of other regions of the country.  The company regularly participates in various exhibitions and has a lot of diplomas and awards.





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