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Support and promotion of Ukrainian business in the international market is one of the main objectives of our project.

But a feature of our platform is a system of rewards for any of your activity. Cashback as bonuses that can be spent on any product or service presented on the TION platform. The bonus is equivalent to the Ukrainian hryvnia, but is not a monetary unit and cannot be exchanged for cash.


The TION platform offers various ways to pay for goods and services:


You can place an order on the site and pay for the goods, after a preliminary inspection at the point of issue indicated directly by the seller of the goods. We draw your attention to the fact that the dispatch of some goods from the warehouse can be carried out only after full prepayment.

Cashless payments

After placing an order, the seller will contact you to clarify the details of the order, send you an invoice, which you can pay at the cash desk of any bank branch or from your company's current account. For legal entities, a package of all necessary documents is provided. Delivery of the order is possible after receipt of funds to the account of the seller.

Pay by card online

Pay online with Visa or MasterCard.


Payment is made after checking the composition of the parcel for compliance with the order and sales receipt exclusively in national currency. Please note that upon receipt of the parcel at the branch of the carrier company or from the courier and payment, you sign an acceptance certificate, which confirms the fact that the parcel has been checked for compliance with your order, and also agree with the appearance of the goods, its packaging and have no complaints about the platform "Tion", the seller or carrier company. Some goods are currently shipped only on a prepaid basis, this is indicated on the product or service card.

Information about delivery methods is indicated by sellers individually.

For sellers:

Use a credit card or secure electronic payment system for all transactions. You must arrange payments directly with the other party to the transaction, or you can outsource the management of your store to us.


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