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Jewelry factory Estet

Estet Jewelry Factory began its work in 1991 and for all the time of its operation, the factory has created a unique style of its jewelry.

 There are more than 3000 gold jewelery in the Estet Jewelry Factory catalog, among them you can find rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, brooches and zodiac signs with precious and natural stones.

 In each collection of jewelry, the masters of the Estet Jewelry Factory manage to harmoniously combine fashion with all the traditions of jewelry, elegance and chic, classics and avant-garde motifs.

 Thanks to the highly qualified jewelers of Estet, production easily manages to select the optimal technique for all types of jewelry.

 Estet Jewelry Factory, one of the first among the jewelry factories of Ukraine, began to use computer equipment for three-dimensional modeling of jewelry.

 Thanks to this technology, factory designers can focus their attention on the creative component of the modeling process.  All this has significantly accelerated the entire process of launching new models of jewelry.

 Estet Jewelry Factory uses only the newest and most modern equipment that improves the quality of jewelry.

 A high level of quality jewelry is a prerequisite for Estet Jewelry Factory products.

 All decorations of Estet Jewelry Factory undergo a deep and multi-stage quality check.  Inspection of products is carried out with the help of specialists and professional equipment.

 All jewelry that is created by the best jewelers of Estet Jewelry Factory is exceptional in its design and beauty.  The talent of the masters of the jewelry factory brought the enterprise popularity for the most elegant and flawlessly executed jewelry.

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