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Jewelry factory aquamarine

Kharkov jewelry factory Aquamarine - one of the few jewelry enterprises in Kharkov, which has existed for many years.

 A lot of Kharkov jewelers began their jewelry career at the Aquamarine Jewelry Factory.  That's because, at one time, Aquamarine Jewelry Factory recruited people with no experience, and the craftsmen taught them the basics of jewelry.  Such students arranged in the workshop for the production of silver jewelry.  Each person was accompanied by his master, who conducted training in jewelry.  Two weeks is enough for a person without experience to be able to make simple models of jewelry.  Some of these students were able to achieve great success in the jewelry business.  Someone engaged in the jewelry trade, someone works in large jewelry companies and someone is the creator of a popular jewelry brand.  Due to the good relationship between the management of the Aquamarine Jewelry Factory and its employees, the factory received many partners from their side.

 The jewelry factory Aquamarine has won the trust of many people and has a lot of satisfied customers.  The plant produces a large assortment of gold and silver jewelry.  Rings, earrings, chains, necklaces and bracelets, pendants, watches and many other jewelry products can be seen in the catalog of Aquamarine Jewelry Factory.

 His decency, integrity and focus on fruitful and long-lasting cooperation cannot but surprise.

 Jewelry factory Aquamarine is very popular in all regions of Ukraine and abroad.

 The basis of the work of the Aquamarine Jewelry Factory is a conscientious approach to the manufacture of each jewelry.  And it doesn't matter at all whether it will be an exclusive diamond set or a simple silver ring.  In any case, the jewelers of the Aquamarine plant are making the maximum of their efforts to amaze everyone with high-quality and masterly performance of jewelry.

 Jewelry factory Aquamarine secured for a long time a constant influx of buyers who are absolutely confident in their choice.


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