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Jewelry factories of Vinnitsa

Vinnitsa is a very beautiful city in which there are a lot of different sights, and in Vinnitsa there are enterprises that are engaged in the manufacture of jewelry.  Of course, in Vinnitsa there are not so many jewelry factories as in Kiev or Kharkov, but still Vinnitsa has its jewelry giants, such as the Vinnitsa jewelry factory Kristall, Diadem, Malva and many others.

 In Ukraine, a lot of fans of jewelry that produce jewelry factories of the city of Vinnitsa.  Many jewelry stores of Ukraine cooperate with the jewelry factories of Vinnitsa and place their jewelry on their windows.  Jewelry of the Vinnitsa jewelry factory Kristall can be found in almost any jewelry store in the country, since this jewelry factory is one of the largest jewelry enterprises in Ukraine and is very popular both in Ukraine and abroad.

 At each Ukrainian jewelry exhibition you can see quite a few representatives of Vinnitsa jewelry factories.  All of them adequately compete with the largest jewelry factories that take part there.  Practically at every jewelry exhibition, Vinnitsa jewelry factories are awarded with certificates and diplomas for any achievements in the jewelry industry.

 Vinnytsia is also famous for having a jewelry factory, which, in addition to the manufacture of jewelry, is engaged in the processing of jewelry diamonds.  This is Vinnitsa jewelry factory Crystal.  Here, diamonds and jewelry with the highest quality gems are created.

 The Jeweler Online Jewelery Exhibition invites you to familiarize yourself with the catalog of Vinnitsa jewelry factories, which during their work have shown themselves from the best side and have only good reviews and reputation.  All Vinnitsa jewelry factories from our list, produce high quality jewelry and offer affordable prices on them.

 We hope that you will appreciate our work, and among the jewelry factories of Vinnytsia that are offered to you, you will be able to choose a reliable partner for yourself, or simply find and purchase jewelry that combines all your wishes.


 Vinnitsa, Youth avenue, 29


 Vinnitsa, Kiev, 1st lane, 64

 Vinnytsia Jewelry Factory Kristall

 High qualification and skill of the workers of the Vinnytsia plant Kristall makes it possible to produce diamonds that meet the requirements of the international diamond market.  This is not only diamonds of traditional round shapes, but also with a fantasy cut shape - pear, marquis, emerald, princess, oval and others.  The plant's share is about 3% of the total world sales of diamonds.  95% of the products are exported to the markets of Western Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Israel, Russia.  Diamonds of the plant have a famous quality image, known on the world diamond market as the Russian cut.  In just over 25 years, the plant produced more than 2.5 million carats of diamonds.

 Vinnitsa, the 600th anniversary of Vinnytsia street, 21


 Vinnitsa, Talalikhina street, 3


 Jewelry enterprise "Malva" was founded in November 1994, has been working in the Ukrainian market for 12 years.  The main direction of jewelry production - jewelry made from a sample of 585 samples with precious natural and synthetic inserts.

 Vinnitsa, Maxim Shimko street, 52-A


 Vinnitsa, Khmelnitskoye shosse, 23


 Vinnitsa town, Repina street, 37


 Vinnitsa, Mary Litvinenko-Volgemut street, 6


 Vinnitsa, Skaletsky street, 15


 Vinnitsa, Khmelnitskoye shosse, 145


 Vinnitsa, 1 Maya Street, 84


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