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Jewelry factories in Lviv

The city of Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine.  the city has a lot of tourists and it is not surprising that jewelry factories that produce amazing Ukrainian jewelry work in the city of Lviv.  There are not many jewelry factories in Lviv, but all of them are rather large and have great popularity throughout Ukraine.  And due to the fact that the city of Lviv receives guests from all over the world, decorations of Lviv jewelry factories are popular outside the country.

 The largest jewelry factory in the city of Lviv is Lviv Jewelry Factory, it is known to anyone who is interested in Ukrainian jewelry fashion.

 No less famous jewelry factories in the city of Lviv are the Mats Jewelry Factory, the Adamas Jewelry Factory and the Rundist.  All of them are very popular in the jewelry market of Ukraine, take part in All-Ukrainian jewelry exhibitions and have a large number of regular customers who regularly buy jewelry from Lviv jewelry factories for themselves or make a wonderful gift to their relatives or friends.

 Many jewelry stores from different parts of Ukraine with great pleasure place on their windows the jewelry that was created by Lviv jewelry factories.

 Lviv Jewelry Factory

 GP "LYUZ" specializes in the production of products from precious metals (gold, silver) and from non-precious metals (nickel silver, copper alloys).  Products from gold: - serial;  - Individual highly artistic;  - Products with diamonds.

 Lviv, Academician Pidstrygach street, 2


 Lviv, Vinnichenko street, 30


 Jewelry company "Adamas" offers a wide range of jewelry from gold from domestic and foreign manufacturers and invites to cooperation of the industry.

 Lviv, st.  Lyubinskaya, 104


 OOO "Rundist" for twelve years is one of the largest private producers of gold products.  The products use stones of only the highest category produced by the company "SIGNITY" ("SWAROGEM" + "GolayBushel"), Switzerland.

 Lviv, st.  Stryjskaya, 202


 Lviv, Shevchenko av., ZO


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