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Jewelry factory Vsesvit

In 1995, the diversified enterprise "Vsesvit" was founded, and in 2000 the enterprise started to produce gold jewelry with natural and synthetic inserts, and in 2005 the jewelry factory "Vsesvit" started to create jewelry with precious stones: diamonds, sapphires and emeralds  .  In 2004, the jewelry factory "Vsesvit" became a member of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine.  Today we know the jewelry factory "Vsesvit" as a modern enterprise with a full production cycle.  The jewelry factory "Vsesvit" is one of the twenty largest jewelry enterprises and is one of the leaders in the jewelry industry of Ukraine.  In 2009, the jewelry factory "Vsesvit" began to produce jewelry made of 950 platinum.  In Ukraine, there are almost no jewelry manufacturers who create jewelry made of platinum.  Most of the orders for platinum products are engagement rings.  If you appreciate the unsurpassed quality, exquisite personality and want to have a really precious decoration - this product is for you!