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Партнерская программа от Tion Jewellery

Партнерская программа от Tion Jewellery

Наша партнерская программа совершенно уникальная и абсолютно бесплатная.

Она позволяет всем участникам получать дополнительный доход, создавая свой собственный бизнес.

Уникальность нашего предложения заключается в том, что после регистрации, без каких-либо расходов, Вы получаете готовый и рабочий сайт, а именно:
- копия данного сайта, но уже с Вашими контактными данными
- сайт будет расположен на нашем хостинге, а по этому никаких оплат за его размещение в сети от Вас не потребуется
- автоматическое обновление товаров
- круглосуточная поддержка и помощь в работе
- мгновенный платеж при оформлении Вашего заказа
- надежного поставщика для Вашего интернет-магазина

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Jewelry factory Aurora

Aurora - Kharkov Jewelry Factory

Jewelry factory Aurora, is one of the largest jewelry factories in Kharkov and has customers in all parts of Ukraine.

 The company is located near the city center of Kharkov, at ul.  Katerininska, 46.

 Aurora Jewelry House has partners from all regions of Ukraine, and therefore, their jewelry can be found on the windows of jewelry stores in almost every city in the country.  The plant management is always welcome to new partners and is looking at all sorts of options for cooperation with interest.

 Jewelry factory Aurora began its work in the distant 2003 and during its work was able to get into the top 20 manufacturers of jewelry in Ukraine.

 The range of products of the jewelry house Aurora has more than 1,000 original jewelry made of gold and silver.  In the Aurora enterprise catalog you can see a variety of models of rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and other jewelry with precious and semi-precious inserts.

 Aurora Jewelry House is a full-cycle production, where every piece of jewelry goes through all stages of production.

 All jewelry of the Aurora jewelry factory undergo strict quality control at all stages of production and have a high precision of performance thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies and modern equipment.

 Jewelry factory Aurora is proud and cherishes its experts in creating jewelry.  Masters of the company regularly improve their skills, for example, fashion designers are trained in the best jewelry design studios in Europe.  It was Aurora jewelry factory that was the first in Ukraine to start producing jewelry with ceramics.

 Jewelry Factory Aurora is a regular participant in both Ukrainian and international jewelry exhibitions and has a large number of various diplomas and awards.  Being at one of these jewelry exhibitions, you can notice the interest of the guests, since there is always a large crowd of people at the windows of the Aurora jewelry factory.

 Aurora Jewelry Factory exhibits its best jewelry collections.  Of course they have something to show connoisseurs of jewelry fashion.  And polite representatives of the company are always ready to listen to you, advise and offer to try on amazing jewelry.


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