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Jewelry factory Yugzoloto

Jewelry factory Yugzoloto has been operating for many years and is one of the few noteworthy jewelry enterprises in the city of Zaporozhye.  Yugzoloto Jewelry Factory is located at Zaporizhia,  Krivoy Rog, 24.

 Jewelry factory Yugzoloto specializes in the manufacture of jewelry.  All jewelry of the Yugzoloto Jewelry Factory is very popular both in the city of Zaporozhye and throughout Ukraine.  Besides jewelry Yugzoloto jewelry factory can be seen in jewelry stores near abroad.

 The residents of the city of Zaporozhye are well known for the Yugzoloto Jewelry Factory, and they regularly buy fine jewelry for themselves or as gifts to their close friends, which are produced by the craftsmen of the Yugzoloto Jewelry Factory.

 Magnificent, highly skilled jewelry makers who have extensive experience in the production of jewelry, and create stunning jewelry that are guaranteed to very soon find the owner for themselves, work at the Yugzoloto Jewelry Factory.

 Each piece of jewelry undergoes strict control at all stages of production.

 In the catalog of the Yugzoloto Jewelry Factory you can see a large assortment of diverse jewelry, among which there are exquisite rings, luxury bracelets, sophisticated earrings, and much more that every connoisseur of jewelry fashion will like.


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