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Jewelry company BIGSUN

Bigsun is a name with a history, every day of which is imbued with thoughts of beauty, inspiration and creativity.  In 2006, the history of the jewelry house Bigsun began.  Experienced masters, inspired by jewelry art, organized their own small workshop, in which they manually created their jewelry masterpieces.  This workshop pererasla in what is more, and was created Jewelery House Bigsun.  The main feature of the jewelry making at the Bigsun Jewelry House was that the products were made of silver in combination with gold, it was unique and quite affordable.  The main characteristic of the entire line of jewelery at the Bigsun Jewelry House was their slogan "Affordable luxury", which was decided not to change, like the principles of jewelry production.  Jewelry of the Jewelry House Bigsun is unique in its beauty and capable of presenting amazing emotions.


+38 (067) 442 32 08